AI-generated summarization

  • High-quality AI-generated summarization of your transcripts or subtitles.

  • Summary structure can be requested according to pre-defined or custom formats, e.g. paragraphs or bullets etc.

  • Unlimited audio duration support.

  • Easily populate your VOD archive with video abstacts, extracted from generated video subtitles. 

  • Integrated workflow with several video streaming platforms.

Innovative content management

Automatically enhance your VOD archive

Revolutionize content managemen with txtplays AI-generated summarization. Currently only available for English subtitles or transcriptions. Effortlessly populate your VOD Archive with video abstracts, intelligently extracted from Generated Video Subtitles. Organize your library seamlessly, increase SEO, enhancing content accessibility.

Summarize unlimited audio

Enjoy unlimited audio duration support, transcribe and summarize without constraints, even for lengthy podcasts. Request video summaries in predefined or custom formats, from fixed number of lines to bullet points. The AI adapts to your content presentation preferences, providing flexibility in summarization andcaptures the true essence of your content.

Complete overview

Boost efficiency with automated summaries

Say goodbye to the tedious process of manually crafting summaries. Effortlessly generate brief and valuable summaries, facilitating smooth reviews of past meetings and essential conversation highlights. Save time and boost productivity.

Engage with concise summaries

Simplify the process of crafting episode summaries, emphasizing crucial chapters and show notes to captivate your audience. Increase your viewer or listener base, boost engagement, and enhance the accessibility of your content.

Qualify meetings with conversational intelligence

Efficiently extract key meeting highlights, action items, and decisions, eliminating the need for participants to sift through lengthy recordings. Elevate collaboration, improve decision-making, and save valuable time with concise meeting summaries.

EdTech: Accelerate and simplyfy learning

Automatically generate concise summaries of educational content, enabling learners to swiftly grasp complex subjects. Empower educators and learners alike with easy access to simplified learning materials.

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What can I expect?

  • High-quality AI-generated summarization of your transcripts or subtitles.

  • High speech to text accuracy, up to 98%.

  • In-browser translation and subtitle proofreading tools.

  • Improve your searchability and accessibility of every conversation in your organization – every word is time-stamped and searchable.

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