How to: Tutorials

If you just created your first txtplay account and need some help to get started with creating transcripts or subtitles check the tutorial videos below!

Getting Started

Press any "Get started" buttons on our website and get directly transferred to our "create account" page. Over at the "create account" page, you insert your name, email address, and chosen password. When you have created your account we will send an activation link to your email address, if you don't receive an activation email check your junk or spam email folder. Otherwise, email our support at

How to upload:

Let's get started with the tutorials. In this video we explain on how to upload an video or audio file into txtplay in order to get automatic subtitles for your video or plain transcripts.

How to edit:

When the transcription is done, we connect your media to the transcript in our online text editor where you can update, highlight, detect speakers and search through your text, and scroll in your audio or video. In this video we show some of the editors functionalities.

How to export:

In this video we show how to export your transcript or subtitles in txtplay, we support over 20 formats including: SRT, VTT,.docx. You can fine-tune the export with details like Timecode, Atlas format, speakers, etc. We also have developer-friendly options.