For sales

  • Automatic high-accuracy speech-to-text integration for your sales team and CRM.

  • Combine artificial and human intelligence, take your sales representatives to the next level of success.

  • Available in +50 languages.

  • On-prem installation for sensitive information.

  • Improve the searchability and accessibility of every sales call – every word is time-stamped and searchable.

  • Powered by txtplay speech to text ASR engine that ensure highest accuracy and fast turn around time.

  • Integrated workflow with any CRM platform.

Elevate your sales team to top-tier performance

In-depth exploration of sales calls: from pain points to successful closures

Explore and understand every sales call. Discover pain points, successful closing techniques, prospect interactions and identify new trends.

Enhance your entire offering with advanced speech-to-text intelligence. Our unified speech-to-text API enables reps to self-develop, equips teams for peer coaching, and offers sales leaders the insights necessary to foster high performers.

Optimize your sales agents performance

Empower your sales agents with the support and guidance they need by leveraging insights from the best (and most challenging) conversations. Enable supervisors and coaches to effortlessly monitor and improve overall agent performance.

Complete overview

Sales call insight & analytics

Discover the untapped wealth of prospects' data hidden within voice interactions.

Through accurate transcription, conversations are transformed into searchable and analyzable text, unveiling invaluable insights into customer preferences, pain points, and emerging trends.

Agent training & performance monitoring

Harness the potential of previous conversations to fuel effective training initiatives, and deliver personalized feedback at scale to every sales agent.

Utilize transcribed calls as the cornerstone for implementing best practices.

Strategic sales call management

Effectively organize and meticulously monitor your transcribed sales calls, ensuring a comprehensive record of every interaction. By keeping track of each sales call, you safeguard against missed opportunities, ensuring a proactive approach to potential deals and valuable connections.

Make decisions based on enhanced analysis

Data analysis is crucial for strategic decision-making. AI-powered audio transcription within CRM extracts valuable insights from audio content—keywords, topics, and trends. Businesses leverage this for data-driven decisions, sales strategy optimization, and identifying growth opportunities.

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What can I expect?

  • Automatic transcription & integration with your preferred platform

  • High speech to text accuracy, up to 98%

  • Improve your searchability and accessibility of every sales call– every word is time-stamped and searchable.

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