Small Business

Focus on actual work

Imagine never having to type out a transcription ever again. Txtplays speech to text services automatically transcribes what you're saying and save time in the process. It reduces errors, is highly customizable, and has many features included to make it easy for any business to use.

Txtplays focus is to make the lives of small business owners easier by providing automated transcription services for your audio or video recording so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Powerful and affordable


Upload your media to our AI, and get back your transcription in minutes!

Easy to Edit

We connect your media to the trancript in our online text editor where you can update, highlight, detect speaker and search through your text and scroll in your audio or video.

Export and Share

We support over 20 formats including : SRT, VTT, .docx, You can fine-tune the export with details like Timecode, Atlas format, speakers, etc. We also have developer-friendly options like Slate JS and DP0.