Automatic transcription for media

Innovative solutions for video content that will reach more people, with a lean and reliable workflow. That's what you get from txtplays automatic transcription services.

Txtplay provides a powerful and affordable automatic transcription service that transcribes video content, audio files, and social media feeds.

Powerful and Affordable

Saves Production Time

Automatic transcription for video logging saves production time by separating the process of transcribing content from the media distribution.

Great Accuracy

Txtplay ensures that your production is delivered with great accuracy and consistency to garner better feedback from broadcast audiences.

Reduces Errors

Automatic transcription reduces errors, cutting production costs while increasing rates of efficiency.

Easy to Edit

We connect your media to the transcript in our online text editor where you can update, highlight, detect speaker and search through your text, and scroll in your audio or video.

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Thank you for your interest in our automatic speech to text service txtplay. We are happy that we can meet the needs of both professionals and amateurs alike with this amazing, new technology! Just fill out these fields below and we will get right back to you. No technical knowledge is required at all!

Ibb Lampic Aaltonen
Customer Success Manager

What can I expect?

  • Automatic transcription & Automatic subtitles

  • High speech to text accuracy, up to 94%

  • 99% customer satisfaction

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