Live Captioning

  • Txtplay live captioning can be added to any video platform live streams

  • With a high-quality speech-to-text accuracy of 94-99%

  • Live captions in complete chunks with perfect timing

  • Live automatic subtitles on broadcasts such as conferences, news channels, sports events, webinars, lectures or for marketing purposes

  • Available in 48+ languages

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Live CC: Schedule a demo

Thank you for your interest in our automatic speech to text service We are happy that we can meet the needs of both professionals and amateurs alike with this amazing, new technology! Just fill out these fields below and we will get right back to you. Please also mention in the message that the demo is for live captioning purposes.

Ibb Lampic Aaltonen
Customer Success Manager

What can I expect?

  • Best in-class automatic live captioning

  • High speech to text accuracy, up to 99%

  • Live captions in complete chunks with perfect timing

  • Live captions in 48+ languages

  • 99% customer satisfaction

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