Kaltura integration

  • Automatic high-accuracy subtitles for your Kaltura account.

  • Smarter subtitling and transcription that is fully integrated within the Kaltura ecosystem – both for existing and new content.

  • Combine artificial and human intelligence to bring you accurate and fast transcripts, captions and subtitles with ease.

  • Make your content accessible and reach new audiences with captions and subtitles in +48 languages.

  • Improve searchability – each word is timestamp and searchable.

  • Comply with WCAG standards for accessibility!

  • Powered by txtplay speech to text ASR engine that ensure highest accuracy and fast turn around time.

  • Integrated workflow with the Kaltura video platform, create automatic subtitles directly after your uploaded media on Kaltura!

How to add subtitles in Kaltura

First, to create the default integration we need the "Administrator Secret" and "Partner ID" from Kaltura, these credentials can be found under "Settings" > "Integration" in KMC.

1. Copy and paste the credentials into each section in the txtplay app under "Create Integration" for the Kaltura integration.
2. Choose your Default language* (the language you need subtitles for)
3. If you have the Kaltura On-Premice solution, press the "On-Premice" button and copy and paste your service URL. (If you have the Kaltura cloud version skip this step)
4. Press "Create" and the default integration is complete

To add automatic subtitles for multiple languages in your Kaltura integration follow these steps;

1. Press on "Language configuration" on your Kaltura integration box in the txtplay app
2. Now we need "Schema id", "Schema System Name" and "Custom field system name"
3. Go to "Settings" > "Custom Data" and press "Add Custom Schema" in KMC
4. Add your preferred "Custom Schema Title", "Description" and "System Name", apply to "Entries" and press on "Add Custom Field"
5. Under "Field Type" choose "Text Selected List"
6. In "List Values" add and write all your needed languages for subtitles in a list
7. In "Field Label" add your preferred name for example "Automatic Subtitles/Captions", it is also possible to add info for "Short Description & Description" if wanted
8. Press "Add" and "Save", now your "Custom Schema" is complete and you can get the needed credentials for the txtplay app in "Language configuration"
9. "Schema id" and "Shema System Name" from your created "Custom Schema" (marked in red on the image to the left, found under "Settings" >"Custom Data")
10. The "Custom field system name" can be found in your created "Custom Schema" > "Edit Custom Field" under "System Name" (marked in blue on the image to the left, same place where you added languages)
11. Copy and paste "Schema id", "Schema System Name", and "Custom field system name" into "Language configuration" in the txtplay app
12. In "Language configuration" add the same languages as you added in KMC
13. Once the languages are added, you also need to write them in the same way as you wrote them in KMC (Kaltura Language in the image to the left under Language configuration so they are connected), by this it is also possible to name the language in your own preferred language i.e. Swedish as "Svenska"
14. When all the languages are added in "Kaltura Language" press "Apply" and the full integration is completed, now you have the ability to add automatic subtitles to your videos directly in Kaltura!

Kaltura integration workflow

The solution can be set up in 10 minutes and is based upon Kalturas API. We just need Administrator Secret and Partner ID to create the default integration, and Schema id, Schema System Name, and Custom field system name to set up the language configuration.

Subtitles are per default uploaded as a draft. This means that you need to publish it to have it visible in the player. This can of course be changed if needed so subtitles are auto-published. You can also set up the integration, so everything is automatically transcribed without adding custom fields based on the default language. Subtitle labels in the video player can be set up custom i.e. Swedish as “Svenska” in the player.

For further information contact IMG_Play - contact@imgplay.com

Or check the tutorial video below;

How to create the txtplay integration with Kaltura: Video tutorial

Benefits with automatic subtitles in Kaltura