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  • High accuracy speech to text services with 50+ languages included

  • Capability to detect and apply the most appropriate transcription model for your industry

  • Able to detect speakers and speaker changes in your video or audio files, resulting in accurate qualitative transcripts

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Txtplays features

The speech to text features included in this software has been designed by professionals. These features are highly accurate and can edit both the audio and video of your work.


We frequently test our language offerings to ensure we offer the best accuracy for every industry, which positions us ahead in the dynamic market of AI technology. As languages experts in the field of ASR technology, we develop language models that deliver low error rates across all our 50+ languages and use cases.

Language cover

Speech to text is a powerful tool that can help you communicate with colleagues and customers in their language of choice. With support for 50+ languages, Txtplays speech to text features make it easy to get your message across, no matter where your business takes you.

Flexible deployment

Txtplays speech to text technology is the perfect way to consume speech in real-time or with pre-recorded files. Our technology can be deployed in the cloud or securely on-premises, depending on your needs. We have a variety of robust and scalable deployment options to choose from.

Advanced punctuation

Txplays advanced punctuation provides the most accurate and easy-to-consume transcripts possible. Our powerful technology is built on over 2.5 billion words and includes an industry-leading set of supported punctuation marks. This use of punctuation optimizes the speed and ease of consuming a transcript for human users. With txtplay, you can be sure that your transcriptions are accurate, easy to understand, and look great too!

Custom dictionary and sounds feature

Looking to take your transcription game up a notch? Check out our custom dictionary feature! By adding a set of context-specific words to the dictionary, you can enhance your transcription accuracy and get those pesky errors out of your transcripts once and for all. So why wait? Upgrade today and see the difference for yourself!

Speaker change

With txtplay, you'll easily be able to identify a change of speaker within your transcript, making it easier to modify for improved readability. Automatic tokens are added to the transcript whenever a speaker change is detected, so you can make quick changes and have an accurate transcript for your subtitles, meetings, interviews, or simply transcribed information.

Confidence scores

Txtplays speech to text converter is an amazing tool for business professionals who want to ensure their speeches are communicated with confidence and clarity. The results are easy to read and help you visualize the tone of your words.

Speaker diarisation

Txtplays speech to text recognition is a powerful technology that can make your life easier. With speaker diarisation, you can detect and label different speakers within the same channel. This makes it easy to keep track of who is saying what, and ensures that all voices are transcribed uniquely.

Channel diarisation

Turn your spoken words into text with amazing accuracy. Channel diarisation from txtplay enables you to detect and label speakers on up to 6 streams or channels, making it the perfect tool for transcription, analysis, and more.

Extensive file format support

At txtplay, we want to help you get your transcriptions done as quickly and easily as possible. That’s why we offer a speech to text service that can take your audio or video files and turn them into transcripts in minutes. We support an extensive range of file formats, so you don’t have to worry about converting them to suit our requirements. So whether you need a transcription for work or school, txtplay is a perfect choice!

Automatic sample rate detection

Txtplays automatic sample rate detection ensures that your transcription is always accurate, no matter the sample rate of the media file. Our technology can detect and apply the most appropriate transcription model to optimize accuracy, so you can be confident that your transcriptions are always precise.

Define context

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, the ability to accurately capture and transcribe spoken words is more important than ever. Txtplays define context feature provides the most accurate real-time transcription possible, by leveraging our proprietary rescoring outputs. This feature defines the context of a transcript and automatically corrects words to match the context, making it an essential tool for businesses and individuals alike.

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