Youtube integration

  • Automatic high-accuracy subtitles for your Youtube channel.

  • Combine artificial and human intelligence to bring you accurate and fast transcripts, captions and subtitles with ease.

  • Make your content accessible and reach new audiences with captions and subtitles in +50 languages.

  • Improve searchability – each word is timestamp and searchable.

  • Comply with WCAG standards for accessibility!

  • Powered by txtplay speech to text ASR engine that ensure highest accuracy and fast turn around time.

  • Integrated workflow with the Youtube video platform, create automatic subtitles directly after your uploaded media in Youtube!

Part 1: How to create the txtplay integration with YouTube

1. First, you need to go to the "integrations" page inside the txtplay app
2. There you will find the integration box for the YouTube integration, and once you click on it you will get to the "Create Integration" phase which you can see on the image to the left
4. Choose the "Default language*" in this example we chose English, which means that the videos will be transcribed in English. The "Default language*" can be changed at any time, just go to the YouTube integration box and change the language and press "Update" if you want to change it
5. Once the language is set press the "YouTube" button, now you will be transferred to the "Googles authentication process"
6. Choose your YouTube channels @gmail account in "Choose an account"
7. Once this is done you will be transferred to "txtplay wants access to your Google Account", here you need to click in the box to let txtplay "See, edit and permanently delete your YouTube videos, rating, comments and captions". Txtplay will not delete or change anything, but this box needs to be accepted to let txtplay download your YouTube videos and then later update subtitles to these specific videos
8. Once you press "Continue" the integration with YouTube is done!

Part 2: YouTube integration workflow

Part 2:
1. Now when the integration is set, if you upload videos into your YouTube account as "Public" or "Unlisted" these videos will receive automatic subtitles after you press the Synchronize button on the YouTube integration box
2. Once you press the "Synchronize" button you will notice that the videos are downloaded into txtplay with "Source: YouTube"
3. When you open these files with "Source: YouTube" you will be able to edit these subtitles directly by using txtplays editor
4. Whenever you edit a file that has been downloaded through the YouTube integration a red button will appear, if you press this button and choose "Synchronize integration" the newly edited subtitles will be sent to your YouTube video and replace the old unedited subtitles
5. In this way you can choose if you want to edit the subtitles directly in txtplay without using YouTubes subtitle editor, but it is possible to use the YouTube subtitle editor if wanted

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