For teachers, students, and researchers

The fastest way to organize and publish videos and audio for your university or school.

Txtplay provides automatic transcription services for your school needs, transcribing content from interviews, speeches, lectures, or videos to text so you can organize and publish it on any platform.

Make your video content accessible to anyone, anywhere by adding subtitles

For Hearing-Impaired Audiences

Adding subtitles provides accessibility for hearing-impaired audiences and students. Txtplay will help you work according to the European Disability Forum Guidelines.

Increase Learning

Scientific findings suggest that subtitles generate a better understanding among students and improve the learning process.

Improve Literary Skills

Scientific findings also suggest that subtitles can enhance the literary skills of children.

Easy to Edit

We connect your media to the transcript in our online text editor where you can update, highlight, detect speaker and search through your text, and scroll in your audio or video.

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  • Automatic transcription & Automatic subtitles

  • High speech to text accuracy, up to 94%

  • 99% customer satisfaction

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