Live captioning

  • Txtplay live captioning can be added to any video platform's live stream.

  • With a high-quality speech-to-text accuracy of 94-99%.

  • Live captions in complete chunks with perfect timing.

  • Live automatic subtitles on broadcasts such as conferences, news channels, sports events, webinars, lectures or for marketing purposes.

  • Possibility to tailor and customize the live captions after your need, such as preferred delay, increased accuracy with custom dictionaries, format/display/timing of captions with your live stream.

  • Available in +50 languages.

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Revolutionize your live broadcasts with ASR

Introducing high quality automatic subtitles

Introducing our cutting-edge live caption setup, the perfect solution to enhance your live broadcasts and captivate your audience! Imagine providing real-time subtitles that seamlessly synchronize with the speaker, offering your viewers an experience on par with pre-recorded material. With our streamlined process, we make it easy for you to deliver professional live captions effortlessly.

Enhance accessibility and engagement

With our automatic live captioning solution, you can provide real-time captions during live events, presentations, and webinars. Reach a wider audience, including individuals with hearing impairments, and ensure everyone can actively participate and engage with your content.

How does it work?

Effortless integration and flawless sync

Simply send us your live stream, and our expert team will work their magic. We add the text and sync it flawlessly with the live stream, ensuring a smooth and immersive viewing experience. The final result? Captions are displayed in perfect timing with the speaker, just like subtitles in pre-recorded videos or Video on Demand (VoD) content.

To achieve this level of accuracy, we require approximately 20 seconds of delay. During the first 10 seconds, our advanced Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology meticulously processes the audio to deliver the highest level of accuracy. This initial processing time ensures that our captions achieve the utmost precision. While it is possible to shorten this timeline, we recommend maintaining the 10-second period to preserve the exceptional quality of our captions. The remaining 10 seconds are dedicated to synchronizing the text with the live stream, enabling the captions to display in complete blocks and in perfect harmony with the speaker.

Tailored solutions for your unique needs

We understand that every organization has unique needs, and we're here to tailor our setup specifically for you. To ensure the perfect fit, we invite you to schedule a meeting with our team. During the meeting, we'll discuss your requirements and customize the solution accordingly. This personalized approach guarantees that our live caption setup will seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, elevating your live broadcasts to new heights.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to deliver an exceptional viewing experience to your audience. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and explore the possibilities of our live caption setup. Together, let's revolutionize your live broadcasts and captivate your viewers like never before!

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Thank you for your interest in our automatic speech to text service We are happy that we can meet the needs of both professionals and amateurs alike with this amazing, new technology! Just fill out these fields below and we will get right back to you. Please also mention in the message that the demo is for live captioning purposes.

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What can I expect?

  • Best in-class automatic live captioning

  • High speech to text accuracy, up to 99%

  • Live captions in complete chunks with perfect timing

  • Live captions in 50+ languages

  • 99% customer satisfaction

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